We are called by God to demonstrate the power and authority of Jesus Christ 

...By restoring families, raising up men, women and children to live victoriously through anointed teaching, transforming our communities, nation, and the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids are the leaders of tomorrow's church. The Ministry's vision is to raise children up with the Word of God, so they will grow to think the way God has commanded. For Children to trust Jesus Christ as their savior and establish habits of Godly living as a daily lifestyle.
Mission Statement: "I am a kingdom child, a small mighty and anointed vessel that God is pouring into, I am here to be filled up with the Word, Love, and the belief of God and to spread it to other Kingdom children. I know Jesus Christ is the only way, truth and life. "

Kingdom Image

Kingdom Image is for youth 13 to 19 years old. They will be taught to passionately serve Christ using the Word of God as they transition from childhood to youth. They will be given the kingdom keys to walk in Faith and live victoriously in the midst of the chaos of adolescence.
Mission Statement: The Victorious Church aims to respond to their spiritual needs by walking with them in their journey to adulthood and utilizing their gifts and talents so they find their place in advancing the kingdom of God and know that they can make a difference.

The Victorious Women

The Women's Ministry aims to equip women with Godly wisdom that will assist them in achieving their destiny, to glorify God and impact other women, so they can be whole and complete. Our goal is to prepare women of The Victorious Church to live an abundant life, by teaching the Word of God that will empower them to walk in love, live in unity and demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit.
Mission Statement: The mission of the Victorious Women's Ministry is to embrace the Vision of our church, which is to build women created for purpose, women who will pray and submit to God's power and perfect will for their lives.

The Victorious Men

The Victorious Church assists Men in their walk with Christ through discipleship. They discover their purpose and identity in Christ by being in constant pursuit of his presence. They connect to God and learn the principles of Christ-like manhood founded on the Bible. 
Mission Statement: The mission of the Victorious Men's Ministry is to build up men of valor that stand strong in their faith and commitment to be like Christ. Men that walk in truth with courage and serve God with Love and Humility.

The Singles Ministry

We strive for singles to be thankful for the gift of singleness. The single's ministry provides opportunities for singles to devote themselves fully to God's work and invest their time in pleasing the Lord. They discover the joy and completeness found in being engaged in God's affairs and advancing his kingdom.
Mission Statement: Our mission is to bring singles to know and experience the fullness of God's Life. For them to make Jesus their priority and focus, as they live a godly life that brings Glory to his name.

The Marriage Ministry

We strive to impact the lives of married couples in the community and around our Church, One Covenant at a time bringing Glory to God... When Marriage is better, Everything is better...
Mission Statement: The mission of the Victorious Marriage Covenants Ministry (VMC) is to revive and enrich marriages which exalt God and establish unified families, a flourishing church and strengthened communities through anointed teachings, resources and life application founded on the Word of God.


The Missions Ministry

The ministry of missions, as commanded by Jesus Christ, is in direct obedience to God's command. The great commission (Matthew 28:19) which commands believers to preach the Gospel, Make Disciples, baptize, and teach all nations of the earth. We have local outreach missions as International missions in Asia and Africa.
Mission Statement: It is our goal to reach all people groups around the world with the full gospel of salvation and victory over sin through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit.

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