Pastor Terry E. Collins Sr.

Pastor Terry E. Collins, Sr., was born in Philadelphia PA and grew up in Detroit MI. Pastor Terry is an International Full Gospel Pastor. Pastor Terry is best known for his, simplistic delivery of The Word of God in Teaching, Ministering, Prophesy, and Healing. With a deep and abiding passion for global discipleship, along with establishing a domestic presence in Mercer County, NJ, Pastor Terry has also established a church in Ghana, West Africa. His evangelistic fervor led him to a fact-finding trip to Asia, visiting China, Beijing, and South Korea. 
Pastor Terry served for 20 years in ministry with the late Dr. Lamont D. McLean, founder and teacher of Living Faith Christian Center in Pennsauken, New Jersey. The wealth of knowledge and experience gained in pioneering with Pastor Lamont, helped prepare Pastor Terry for the work God called him to in Trenton, NJ. Established in 2005, Living Faith World Outreach Ministries (LFWOM) began as a weekly bible study in 2004. As a man of character, integrity and vision, Pastor Terry is committed to preaching the Gospel; raising a body of spirit filled, multicultural believers who are living according to New Testament principles; By this we will have both strong families and individuals built upon the apostolic doctrine of unity, faith, love and power.   
In 2012 God told Pastor Terry because of his faithfulness to the Call over the past seven years and what the people were willing to endure for the Kingdom He was giving The Church a new name with and new identity was to emerge(Isaiah 62:2) (Revelations 15:2 NIV) "The Victorious Church".  God has placed a greater level of His Grace upon The Victorious Church to assist families' men, women, youth and children to become victorious in every area of life. 

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